What are the risks from toxic chemicals in our homes?

  1. Synthetic chemicals are everywhere in our homes and environment.  The risks of some are known -- others, nobody knows yet.
    • 75,000 synthetic chemicals are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
    • 250 billion pounds of these chemicals are produced every year.
    • Only a fraction of these have been fully tested for human health concerns -- according to the EPA.
    • The National Toxicology Program found that 150 chemicals present in the home and frequently found in household cleaners are associated with allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological or neurological disorders.
  2. These synthetic chemicals have been found in the blood of children and adults--even in the cord blood of newborns!
    • Analysis of cord blood of newborn babies at Mt Sinai Hospital found more than 200 chemicals already in the blood stream at birth!
    • A recent study on adults found a total of more than 200 synthetic chemicals in their blood -- with an average of 67 different chemicals in each individual.
  3. Serious illnesses are increasing among children and adults.