Phil & Jody  at the ball park

Phil Berglund was born and raised in Idaho number three of seven, not the first, not the last, lost in the middle.  At the age of thirteen Phil got his first guitar a cheap solid body electric, it still took all summer mowing lawns to pay for it.  Through Jr. High and High School he played bass in several garage bands until one day he showed up for practice and found somebody he didnít know playing his guitar.  Fired from his first music job, Phil decided that music was still important in his life so he dove into playing solo and didnít play with a band again for several years. Having been a solo artist traveling the world in the US Navy, Phil performed in such places as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.  After the Navy a bigger pay check called from Rhode Island and Philís work took him to Europe and the UK where he played acoustic solo in such diverse places as (Newport, Wales)(La Monga, Spain)(La Specia, Italy).  In 1984, he quit traveling and relocated back to Idaho and parked his guitar until 1992 when he and his wife Jody went to see one of her old friends perform in a local honky-tonk.  Will Newell invited Phil to sit in and play lead guitar with Spur Rose and subsequently became a regular, Spur Rose broke up and Phil was invited to play with the Road Agents until New Years Eve 2004, ending an eight-year run.  2005 found another move for Phil and Jody after they sold their place in Idaho and started a mobile lifestyle in a 36' 5th Wheel.  Phil is married to his beautiful wife Jody Newell and they are currently living in Yoncalla Oregon, (The Valley of Eagles).

Phil has two adult children from a previous marriage and four grand kids.

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